Center’s Capacities

Genetic testing

Nucleic Acid Extraction Service (DNA/RNA) and Pathogen Detection using Melting Temperature Analysis, Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR), or Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (RFLP). Our expertise is centered around identifying and quantifying pathogenic microorganisms, as well as conducting gene expression analyses for various genes and species, among other applications. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for customized analysis.

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Protein testing

Preparation and Separation of Protein Samples using Mono- or Bidimensional Electrophoresis, with the choice of staining (Coomassie Blue or Silver) or follow-up immunoassay (Western Blot). Both mini and maxi gel options are available. Additionally, we provide comprehensive protein quantification and analysis through chromatography methods.

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We offer both qualitative and quantitative antibody detection services using Western blot and ELISA techniques, respectively. While currently applied to key aquaculture species, our assays can be adapted for diverse species as needed.

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Pathogen detection and identification service

Through genetic assays and the analysis of biochemical parameters, we address a significant challenge in marine pathogen identification: the need for rapid diagnostic methods to enable timely monitoring and control of diseases. Leveraging molecular biology tools, particularly real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), we have established a service that swiftly and precisely identifies primary fish pathogens. This enhances detection sensitivity, and, in certain instances, we augment this approach by examining biochemical parameters, ensuring the utmost dependable and efficient diagnosis.

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Monovalent and polyvalent autovaccine production

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Nutritional testing

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Monoclonal and polyclonal production

At CETGA, we specialize in generating monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from both fish and mammals. These antibodies target a range of immunoglobulins found in diverse fish species, as well as specific parasitic, viral, and bacterial pathogens.

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The synergy within our multidisciplinary team empowers us to engineer inventive solutions for challenges within the aquaculture realm, as well as in traditional livestock, human food, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our advanced facilities enable us to conduct experimental tests on a pre-industrial scale and perform on-site sample processing. These capabilities yield dependable outcomes that readily translate to the industry, spanning domains such as food, animal health, environment, and engineering.