Cluster Services

Genetic analysis

Our services encompass nucleic acid extraction (DNA/RNA) and pathogen detection utilizing methods such as melting temperature analysis, real-time PCR (Realtime PCR), or RFLP (Restriction fragment length polymorphism). Our primary focus lies in identifying and quantifying pathogenic microorganisms, as well as conducting gene expression analyses for various genes and species. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized analyses tailored to your specific needs.

Protein analysis

We specialize in preparing and separating protein samples through mono- or bidimensional electrophoresis techniques, complemented by staining options like Coomassie Blue or Silver staining, and subsequent immunoassays such as Western Blot. Both mini and maxi gel formats are available to accommodate your needs. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive services, including total protein quantification and analysis through chromatography methodologies.


We offer a qualitative and quantitative antibody detection service, employing Western blot and ELISA techniques, respectively. While presently applied to key aquaculture species, our assays can be tailored for various species as needed.

Pathogen detection and identification service

Through the utilization of genetic assays and the analysis of biochemical parameters, we address a significant challenge in marine pathogen identification – the need for rapid diagnostic methodologies enabling timely monitoring and disease control. Leveraging molecular biology tools, with a particular emphasis on real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR), we have pioneered a service that rapidly and precisely identifies major fish pathogens. This not only enhances detection capabilities but also, in certain cases, supplements the approach with biochemical parameter analysis to yield the most dependable and effective diagnosis achievable.

Realtime westernBLot 1D y 2D

Nutritional analysis

Monoclonal and polyclonal production

Pathogen detection