Aquaculture cluster

A nexus for companies and organizations to catalyze innovation, facilitate collaboration, and enhance communication.

The Aquaculture Cluster stands as a not-for-profit business association that unites enterprises connected to the fish farming sector, predominantly in the Galicia region.

Initiated in 2000 through the impetus of key Galician turbot aquaculture firms, the Cluster’s core objectives encompass product quality, consumer assurances, innovation, comprehensive training, and an unwavering pursuit of market-responsive elements.

Presently, the Aquaculture Cluster stands as a global exemplar in flatfish aquaculture. Its members, with operational bases spanning Europe, collectively account for an impressive 85% share of European flatfish production.


To improve the competitiveness of companies in the aquaculture and livestock sectors, which may benefit any company or entity that carries out its activity in Spain, and for which it will carry out as many actions as it deems necessary, promoting and encouraging interaction between the different agents in order to dynamise and foster relations between them.


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