Cluster Capacities

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Promoting cooperation between R&D&I actors

It fosters collaboration among diverse stakeholders within the science and technology ecosystem, as well as public and private enterprises, with the aim of collectively addressing shared concerns in the realm of aquaculture. The goal is to enhance this sector, boost competitiveness, optimize the integration of R&D outcomes into company operations, and fortify the process of internationalization.

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Working groups

It facilitates the establishment of collaborative working groups aimed at comprehensively examining the Galician aquaculture landscape and assessing discerned requirements. This facilitates the formulation of essential avenues for interaction between research and technological development centers and industry entities, all geared towards enhancing the sector.

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Diagnosis of the Aquaculture Situation

It conducts and advances research, study, and technological development initiatives designed to delve into the assessment of aquaculture and livestock sectors. These efforts contribute to building an extensive knowledge repository that can be accessed by economic, social, and cultural stakeholders. Leveraging the acquisition and utilization of scientific and technological insights, this initiative supports the broader community.

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Qualification and further training of human resources

Engages in initiatives to cultivate effective managerial capabilities that address real-world business challenges, advocating for the interests of its constituents.

Champions the enhancement of qualifications and ongoing professional development of human resources, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the consistent enhancement of technological proficiency within Cluster companies.

Promotion of and participation in national and international conferences

Actively encourages and takes part in both domestic and global conferences centered around the latest insights in the aquaculture sector. Additionally, it advances endeavors to foster quality management and environmental policies within its member companies, while also advocating for occupational safety measures among the workforce.

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Boosting the use of new technologies

Facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies by establishing collaborative work and interactive study networks among all member companies within the Cluster. This strategic approach also extends to fostering connections with diverse science and technology entities, while further integrating into broader national and international aquaculture knowledge networks.

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Promoting the development of sustainable aquaculture

To foster the advancement of sustainable aquaculture, with an unwavering commitment to upholding product quality, food safety, environmental integrity, and the well-being of animals.